Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Butterfly Effect?

I'm pretty sure everyone here is familiar with this theory, that one thing can create a massive change. I often think about this, like how small decisions like biting into a lollipop instead of eating it can completely change our lives. Take the lollipop for example. If I were to bite into it, I'd finish it faster, so I would get into the car earlier than expected. I might avoid a car that would hit me if I passed there 30 seconds later.

Maybe something as petty as deciding whether to eat Mcdonalds or BK, can ultimately end in someone getting killed. I don't know if you understand me, but things could escalate, getting bigger and bigger.

This got me thinking, on how big of an effect you have on everyone else's life, and viceversa.

Mind. Blown.


  1. Check out the TV series 'Odyssey 5', the first episode has a really good butterfly effect example.

  2. Made me think about my effect on the world, very good post ;D

  3. really interesting! never thought about it that way before!

  4. Maybe I should stay dormant for a while and do anything lol.